8AM Couch Chat: Why Do People Hate Millennials?

Another day, another study slamming Millennials. Australian Millionaire Tim Gurner had some advice for Millennials. According to him, we need to put down the $19 avocados and $4 coffees  and quit travelling.

Let’s fact check this….

The average price of an avocado is $1.70 in Australia, in the U.S. it’s $1.26… Not $19. Home ownership is at an all time low across most age groups… A recent survey says, the average cost of a home went up 6% in the past year. A study says Millennials are spending the LEAST on travel mostly because they can’t get off work.

Last, the total amount of student loan debt is nearly 1.5 trillion dollars. In North Carolina the average debt for a student is about 26 grand.

Twitter is blast the millionaire for his comment saying he was given 34 grand by his grandfather to start his real estate business.

Why are there so many people bashing this generation?