Black Political Caucus Holds Debate For Democrat Mayoral Candidates

CHARLOTTE, NC — Community members packed Reeder Memorial Church off Beatties Ford Road Thursday night for the the Black Political Caucus Mayoral debate, and had a lot of questions for the candidates.

Each candidate gave a two-minute introduction, and then faced questions from the Black Political Caucus. Mayor Roberts was asked about what she learned from the Keith Scott shooting?

“We have worked very hard to improve police-community relations since that shooting. I was the first city official to call for the video release.”

Senator Joel Ford quickly stood to respectfully disagree with the mayor.

“The city had control of the video that they could have released prior to legislation going into effect, so we need truth and accountability and transparency.”

Another hot topic was the increase in crime, specifically the homicides in Charlotte, to which Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles spoke of programs the council and Chief Putney work on.

Lyles said, “Cops and Barbers, Cops and Kids, that is the effort we have to make, so we have to say yes we want our police officers out in the community.”

“We are working on community policing, we want to engage everyone,” replied Mayor Roberts. “We want people to know their officers, we want the officers to know their people… that is a way we keep everyone safe.”

Roberts had to leave early for another commitment, leaving Ford and Lyles to answers questions from the audience.

Ford and Lyles were asked about previous comments that one of them should drop out to increase chances of beating Roberts.

Lyles responded, “I am in this race and I am going to be in this race, so there’s one agreement Joel Ford has and that is it is time for new leadership.”

Ford answered, “I’m getting great feedback all over the city, people are not happy about the direction and future of city of Charlotte”