Autopsy Reveals Cause Of Death In March Officer Involved Shooting

UPDATE: A recently released autopsy report confirms that Yaroslav Mosiiuk was shot in the back by a CMPD officer on March 8th.

Following the autopsy report’s release, CMPD tweeted out a statement providing more detail on the events that took place leading up to the fatal shooting.


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CHARLOTTE, NC– “She was asking them not to kill him or shoot him,” said a Druid Hills neighbor.

In cell phone video sent to WCCB Charlotte, a neighbor who asked not to be identified, says you can see Yaroslav Musiiuk’s sister Olesya in the red jacket, frantic outside her home. She called police worried on Wednesday, telling dispatchers her brother was acting strange and she was scared he might hurt himself. Two patrol officers responded.

“When they went up on the porch to see what was the 911 call and when they got up on the porch and must have seen it from the window he had a gun,” said the neighbor.

The neighbor across the street says she saw police knock on the door, once they did, they came running across the street here took cover in her yard, and that’s where she says the shot was fired that killed him.

CMPD says officer Brian Walsh perceived a threat after seeing Mosiiuk with a hunting rifle so the officer fired. The video shows other officers running up to the house. The neighbor says by then Mosiiuk’s body was already out of the house.

“They were picking his body up and dragging it up the street and they laid him down up there,” she said.

The video also shows Medic running up the street toward his body lying behind a police car. The neighbor says she knew Mosiiuk and had just given him a hug about 30 minutes before the shooting, so she couldn’t watch once his body was out in the street.

“Yeah I was shocked I was real shocked.”