Hickory Under State of Emergency as Crews Work to Restore Power, Clean Up Debris

HICKORY, NC – The city of Hickory remains under a State of Emergency after powerful storms damaged homes and businesses Monday.

As of Tuesday night, more than 6,000 people remained without power in Catawba County, according to Duke Energy.

City officials say much of the damage is in the northwestern part of the city.

“Big white oak has collapsed part of the roof and the wall,” says David Dillon.

Dillon returned to his parents’ home to find massive structural damage.

“There were two very large, 9-inch windows that blew out when the wall buckled. And we found glass, 50-feet away, near the front door,” Dillon says.

25th Ave. Dr. NW, near Lake Hickory, is lined with Debris. But it’s back open after neighbors say firefighters cleared the road.

“The damage was a little astonishing,” says Hickory resident Liam Bailey.

He says crews have made a lot of progress.

“This street would have been impossible to get through yesterday. You had to climb over trees,” he explains.

Neighbors know they could be without power for days.

“It’s not something that we have seen to this magnitude,” explains Dana Kaminske, with the City of Hickory.

She says a State of Emergency will remain in place until crews have power restored and all roads are back open.

“It’s just random how it hit different areas and didn’t hit other areas,” Kaminske says.