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WCCB Charlotte’s Digital Television Reception Tips

To see what Digital Television you can receive for FREE! at your location, antenna aiming direction and additional information, enter your address at one of these websites: gives basic parameters of all available stations. gives complete technical parameters of all available stations. will help you to choose the proper antenna.

For best reception of all stations, we recommend an attic or outdoor rooftop antenna. Indoor antennas generally do not provide reliable reception for digital television and can be problematic due to trees, electrical interference, traffic, and other RF sources.

Detailed TV antenna information can be found at the following websites:

WCCB broadcasts digitally from our tower in East Charlotte located at Harris Blvd and Rocky River Road. We transmit on UHF Channel 27 at the maximum legal power of 1 million watts ERP. Our tower’s coordinates are: 35.267 -80.734

Click the link below to check out the local DTV Coverage Map:

Here are the channels you can receive digitally from WCCB:

18-1 WCCB-DT: High-Definition programming in 720p and Dolby Digital 5.1 from FOX Network, WCCB Charlotte’s Local News and Syndicated programming when available. If a program is available to us in High-Definition, you’ll see it here.

18-2 WCCB-SD: High-Definition programming in 720p with Dolby Digital 1.0 Spanish Audio or Descriptive Video when available.

18-3 WCCB-ME: MeTV. For more on this channel, go to

For locations, operating hours and phone numbers of local DTV walk-in help centers, log on to:

For further information, feel free to contact us via email: hdtv [AT]

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