Reg Taylor

Chief Meteorologist

Reg Taylor used to get in trouble for talking and cutting up in class. His mother asked, "Do you think your going to make it on your personality?" He answered... "Yes!" This also made Reg work hard to really know more about his first love...Weather.

Reg's Grandfather taught science and fascinated him at an early age. The two spent time at the airport watching planes take off and his grandfather would explain how weather effected flight. Reg asked a lot of questions. Before his grandfather passed away in the mid 70s, Reg promised him some day he would be a TV meteorologist.

Half of getting what you want out of life is knowing what you want. For Reg, it is being a Meteorologist!

Reg has been doing the weather for 27 years now. He graduated from Western Kentucky University back in the mid 80s and continued his quest for knowledge at Indiana State University.

Reg's wife Debbie works as a top producing Realtor in Fort Mill, SC. and they have 4 kids. He hits nearly 25 schools per year teaching and inspiring them on his favorite, just like his grandfather did for him.