Man on the Edge - Bad Movie Refund


by WCCB News Edge

So how about that "Jack Reacher" movie, right?  The trailer made it look pretty awesome, according to one New Zealand movie-goer, but when he actually went to see the flick, all of his hopes for a fantastic action scene were dashed when a key moment from the trailer was omitted from the final cut of the film.

This poor viewer was so disappointed, that he actually got in touch with New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority and demanded his money back.  The Authority agreed he had a valid complaint, and gave him a full refund.

But "Jack Reacher" wasn't the first film to omit scenes that snuck their way into the trailer: "Spiderman" and "Twister", for example, have done the same.  And none of us got our money back after those two, but should we?

If a movie doesn't live up to your expectations, should the movies offer a money-back guarantee?

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