Man on the Edge - How Do You Know She's Cheating?


by WCCB News Edge

 So when she's getting all dressed up, and it's not for you... you're probably in trouble.  It's one of the first signs to look for when you think your woman--or your man--may be cheating.  But a new survey says you may be able to tell, just by where they shop.

The website that specializes in finding affairs for women,, asked women who cheat where they go shopping, and 10 major stores stood out.  From most common to least, the top 10 stores cheaters love to frequent are:

1. Banana Republic

2. J. Crew

3. Macy's

4. Ann Taylor

5. H&M

6. Bebe

7. Lane Bryant

8. Chico's

9. Lululemon

10. JC Penny

Of course, it's not like where she got her favorite jeans will tell you everything there is to know about her love life.  So what signs do you look for when you think your special someone may be cheating?

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