Man on the Edge - Is Johnny Depp's Tonto Offensive?


by WCCB News Edge

 The new "Lone Ranger" movie opened in theaters today, starring Armie Hammer as everyon'e favorite masked man, and every lady's favorite Johnny Depp as his faithful Native American sidekick... and that's a problem.  Johnny Depp may be one of the most highly thought of actors in Hollywood today, but even when he's acting, can he be something he's not?

Now, we know that Depp does claim some Cherokee heritage through his great grandmother, but he's still not what most people would call a Native American actor.  And that has some genuine Native American people concerned.  He's not playing to stereotypes in the role, but he's just not authentically Native American.

So what do you think?  Is it okay for actors to play roles outside of their own race or heritage?  Or does it matter so long as they can believably pull it off?

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