Man on the Edge - The Double Standard of Doll Bodies


by WCCB News Edge

 There's a new infographic floating around the web that points out what many people have said for years: Barbie represents an impossible body model.  The graphic compares Barbie against the actual body dimensions of the average American woman.  Among other impossible points, if Barbie were a real person: she wouldn't be able to lift her head or carry anything heavier than a few pounds, her ankles would snap, and her waist-to-hip ratio is nearly impossible.  Her boobs, however, are actually a little smaller than average, believe it or not.  

But what about the toys boys play with?  A lot of superheroes and G.I. Joes, right?  Do they represent an impossible body image as well?  Most have massive muscles that are perfectly cut, a definition only possible in real life if you use steroids.

So what do you think?  From Barbie to He-Man, is there a double-standard in "doll body image"?

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