Man on the Edge: Are Club Dress Codes Racist?


by WCCB News Edge

Roll up to the club feeling good... but not so fast!  You've got to look the part to pass the bouncer.  Tonight, some people are arguing that the club look is targeting certain groups, even races.  

It's no secret that bars and clubs have their own rules and regulations.  And they include dress codes.  We get it; owners want to keep a certain feel, and  there are safety concerns with jackets and super baggy clothes.  But critics say things still feel a little one-sided, especially for dudes.

The conversation is getting heated in Minneapolis after an uptown bar posted its new dress code.     Locals say rules banning flat-billed hats and athletic apparel discriminate against African Americans.  One man told a local news station it's flat out segregation.   The bar says it's just following corporate rules.  

We checked around in Charlotte, and found a run down of similar rules in the Queen City.  Pretty standard: no sneakers, no Timberland boots, no jerseys... and the list goes on.

So is this a real issue, or are people in Minneapolis a little too sensitive?  

Rance was dressed to the nines in uptown for a Tuesday edition of Man on the Edge...

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