Man on the Edge: Should the Hornets Dump PJ?


by WCCB News Edge

PJ Hairston never had a squeaky clean record, but Sunday's alleged fisticuffs with a high school student is not a good look.  You heard about it on the news at ten: the scuffle went down at a Durham YMCA after a game of pick-up basketball.  Police say there was shoving and punching on both sides.   

Next month, Hairston will be spending time in court instead of on one.  The NBA's 26th draft pick now faces assault charges.  No word what sort of punishment, if any, the Hornets will lay down for the 21-year-old, but we're guessing MJ isn't thrilled.  Former Hornet Brendan Haywood gave us his take:

"They took him in the first round, he's definitely gonna get another shot. It's all about basketball at the end of the day, and they're gonna want him to be a big part of the team. He has the opportunity to do something special. I think they'll give him another opportunity for sure."

Haywood thinks the Hornets hold tight... but what do you think?  Should the Hornets kick him to the curb, or hope he shapes up?!  

Rance hit the streets to find out what people are saying about PJ...

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