Man on the Edge: We Will Rebuild!


by WCCB News Edge

 There's still hope for a solution, but Sunday's alleged vote by Crimea to secede from Ukraine and join Russia has put the U.S. and Russia back in place as the world's two opposing super powers.  President Obama has announced sanctions against Russia, but Russian President Putin doesn't appear to be backing down.  In fact, a state-run Russian newscast even brought up the possibility of nuclear war.

Of course, all-out global war has been a frightening, if not entertaining, scenario for years.  Especially in the 80s.  Movies from War Games to Mad Max took advantage of our concerns of war and post-apocalyptic fears to make us think about our current situation.

And now, the CW is taking it up with The Hundred.  It's kind of a pretty-person version of Lord of the Flies.  Survivors on a space ark that fled a nuclear war wasteland are coming back to Earth.  But the hundred colonists have to create some type of society, if humanity is going to survive on the deadly planet we once called home.

Of course, the Cold War from the 80s never went hot.  So let's chill and assume our current real-world situation is going to be all right.  And then let's put on our creative caps, and let one of the most creative people we know, our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, pick your minds for what you would keep and what you would change as you rebuild society...

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