Man on the Edge: What Would Make the QC Less Stressful?


by WCCB News Edge

Damn! It feels good to be a gangsta! People in Charlotte know exactly what that's all about.  A new survey says we're overworked and stressed out.  But it doesn't offer any solutions on how to fix that.

The report comes from a CNN Money ranking that looked at factors like average commute times, unemployment rates, and cost of living.  Out of 55 major metro areas ranked, Charlotte came in at number 35.  Smack dab between St. Louis, Missouri and Irvine, California.  The biggest problem they listed for us: we just work too much.  But there are plenty of other things that cause stress.

Like all the never-ending construction that's happening around town.  They just started a handful of projects this week (they still haven't finished I-485 after 200 years) and they're kinda, sorta, maybe doing toll roads if and when they might possibly be able to push the plans through.

And there's not much escape from the stress at home, either.  Char-Meck has some of the highest property tax rates around.  Sales taxes, too.  And they just slapped that "user fee" onto your water and sewer bill.

So with stress coming at you from every angle in Charlotte, there has to be some way "they" could help us be less stressed out.  Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, hit the streets for some advice on getting less stressed-out...

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