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Thanksgiving Movie Recommendations

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and that means many people will likely flock to the movies, whether it be a family outing or just an excuse to get away from all the political talk back at the house. With so many options, here are five curated picks to choose from.

Movie Review: 'Justice League'

Much like “Batman v. Superman” took all the wrong lessons from Nolan’s batman trilogy, “Justice League” takes all the wrong lessons from “The Avengers”.

Hollywood Sex Accusations Now Levied At Ratner, Hoffman

Hollywood’s widening sexual harassment crisis has ensnared a prominent film director after six women — including actress Olivia Munn — accused Brett Ratner of sexual misconduct in a Los Angeles Times report on Wednesday.

See 'The Shining' Twins All Grown Up

The actresses who played those spooky twins in the 1980 film adaptation of Stephen King's "The Shining" share their thoughts on revamping the movie.

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