The QC Scene: Grom Social, A Social Network for Kids


by Rance Adams

 CHARLOTTE, N.C. --  As schools break for summer, many kids will spend their newfound freedom surfing the Internet and visiting social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  But how safe are kids from bullies and other potential threats on these popular social media platforms?

     Grom Social, a safe social networking site created "By Kids for Kids", is partnering with Nickelodeon's "Big Time Rush" Star and Heffron Drive Singer / Songwriter Kendall Schmidt to raise awareness about the platform as a safe, fun, and educational way for kids to engage with one another this summer.  Coming on the heels of launching his first single "Parallel," Kendall is lending his support to champion the site's anti-bullying message.

     Zach Marks, now 13 years old, started working on the concept of the site at 11 years old, after he was kicked off of Facebook twice by his parents for inappropriate language and friending adults he didn't know well.  Grom Social provides a safe, positive, encouraging atmosphere for kids ages 5-16 to connect with their peers.  Monitored 24/7 by background checked "Grom Helpers," the site also supports healthy living and speaks out against drugs, smoking and bullying.

     I caught up with both gentleman to discuss the concept, it's growth potential and much more.


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