Waiting Child: Kenneth and Kendra


by Jacinda Garabito
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GASTONIA, N.C.- This week's Waiting Child shows a strong bond between a brother and a sister.  These two are loving, kind, sweet, and charming.  They're looking for a family to love them.

Twins Kenneth and Kendra are sixteen years old and already looking forward to graduating high school and going to college,"I want to go to college to take criminal justice.  I want to be a forensic because I like watching CSI."

Kenneth-- who is two minutes older than his sister, loves playing sports and making people laugh, " I'm charming, good kid at heart, has a good personality and likes to have fun."

Being the big brother, Kenneth says it's important they stay together, " I have to think about her too because we are twins it can't just be about me I want to be able to help her along the way because I love her."

Even as twins Kenneth and Kendra are best friends.  They share fond memories that can turn even a sibling rivalry into  unforgettable moments, "He was pushing me on the swings and I told him that I missed him and stuff and we would race.  I know I would lose but I just wanted to race him."

Kenneth and Kendra hope to find a special family that will love them  as a package deal, forever, "I would be very thankful for a family that would pick me and my brother."

Fore more information, contact Children's Home Society of NC
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