Waiting Child: The Morrow Family


by Jacinda Garabito
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CHARLOTTE, N.C.- Do good for others and good will come back to you.  That's the lesson one Charlotte family says they learned after deciding to adopt.

When Serena Morrow first laid eyes on Chris's picture she knew instantly that he would be her son, "Oh I just love him I can eat him with a spoon."

The Morrow family adopted 12 year old Chris less than a year ago.  Dad Billy says this changed their family completely, "I think a lot of people think it's for the child that they're doing it for, but after they have them for a while they find that it's not just for them but it's also for the family that receives the child."

Chris now has a brother- Lawson who is just 3 weeks older than him.  He also has 3 sisters to call his family.  When I asked Lawson how it feels to have a new brother he pretty much summed it up in one word, "Awesome."

Dad Billy says this last year brought their family precious memories they'll cherish forever, "The first holiday the first birthday the first time that we went camping. He's never been camping before."

The Morrow's success story doesn't end here, with an ever growing family there's already talk of adopting a baby.

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