WCCB-TV Digital Media Department Internship Specifications and Application


WCCB-TV Digital Media Department Internship Additional Specifications, Requirements and Application

Students must currently be enrolled in a college or university as an undergraduate or graduate student.  Some knowledge of HTML, graphics programs and Wordpress is not required, but encouraged.

This program will focus on web-related tasks for a television station.  Interns will have the opportunity to work with our team to develop basic web, mobile and video content.  We'll focus on Internet rich-media, content management and social media.

Internship training will include but will not be limited to detailed research on trends and vendors, overseeing social media efforts and putting together content for various products.

Students must submit the following to the WCCB-TV Digital Media Department

Letter of introduction
A completed resume
WCCB-TV Intern Application Form
A letter from the college/university stating that you will be receiving credit for the internship.

All of the above information should be emailed or mailed to:
Deborah Barnes
News Director Assistant/Web Producer
1 Television Place
Charlotte, N.C. 28205
email: dbarnes@wccbcharlotte.com

Application Deadlines

The deadlines listed below are the last possible date an application will be accepted, a student may request information on internships at any time for any future semester. 

Application deadlines are:   
    Fall Semester:                  No later than July 1st
    Winter/Spring Semester:   No later than November 1st
    Summer Semester:           No later than March 1st

Your application will be reviewed once all of the paperwork is completed and returned.  At that time if we find that you would be a good intern candidate, we will e-mail and set up a time that you can come to the station for an interview and tour.  ONLY STUDENTS UNDER FINAL CONSIDERATION WILL BE CONTACTED DIRECTLY FOR INTERVIEWS.


WCCB-TV Digital Media Internship Schedule

Upon acceptance of an internship by the student, a schedule will be prepared that will cover the duration of the internship and will be approved by the intern.  Once the schedule is set, the intern will adhere to the schedule as set forth in the Internship Guidelines.



Download and complete the Application Form for the Digital Media Department Internship.  Return it to the address listed above with your letter of introduction, resume and the letter from your college stating you will be obtaining the internship for college credit.  All information must be submitted together.


Open the application, complete, print and sign.  Your information will not be saved.

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