Toyota of N Charlotte is excited for the arrival of the new Scion 10 Series!

N Charlotte Scion xB


by WCCB Charlotte

The Scion family is extremely well known for providing affordable and stylish transportation options. Offering a variety of vehicle styles for drivers to choose from, owners of a new Scion near Charlotte are sure to enjoy the simplistic yet stylish design each model provides! Pretty soon, Toyota of N Charlotte might have even more options for potential Scion owners to consider. Did you know that Scion recently celebrated their 10th anniversary? In honor of this incredible milestone, Scion is producing a whole new line of limited-edition vehicles called the “Scion 10 Series”! True to the already stellar Scion reputation, these new models will provide an eye-catching look that will leave a long-lasting positive impression. Regardless of if you see one the streets or slide behind the wheel yourself, there’s much to appreciate about a Scion 10 Series vehicle. 

New colors and new features create a whole new driving experience!

If you want a one-of-a-kind driving experience, then you may want to consider getting a new Scion from the Scion 10 Series line! Each of the Scion models (FR-S, tC, xB, xD, and iQ) are getting a slightly new look, so you can still get your favorite one and enjoy its updated changes!

  • Each of these new Scion near Charlotte will have a specialized Silver Ignition exterior color.
  • Every model will also have features such as a Scion 10 Series logo on the dashboard, silver seat belts, and even an illuminated shift knob that’s solar-powered!
  • Some models, like the new Scion tC in N Charlotte and Scion xB, will have alloy wheels. These wheels will be unique in that they’ll be featuring a graphite finish. 
  • As part of the new Scion 10 Series, the N Charlotte Scion FR-S will also sport some all-new modifications. HID headlamps, dual automatic controls, and a push-start ignition are just some of the new modifications drivers can anticipate enjoying!

The new Scion 10 Series line is sure to impress, and we can’t wait to offer it at our Toyota dealership! 

Which new Scion is your favorite?

With all of these different models to choose from, it might be hard to pick out which one is best suited to your driving needs! Thankfully, the Scion line is created to work with and meet a variety of transportation and budget preferences.

  • If you love the sporty look, then the 2013 Scion FR-s or Scion tC in N Charlotte will probably be the vehicles that capture your attention. Each one offers different capabilities, but at the end of the day both deliver the smooth and speedy experience that sports car enthusiasts crave. 
  • If you want flexibility to work with different passenger seating arrangements and cargo weights, the Scion xB or Scion xD might be what you need! Both of these vehicles have the hatchback style so you can get a more streamlined look, but still have lots of space and room for passengers and luggage. 
  • Finally, the N Charlotte Scion iQ should definitely not be overlooked. With its sub-compact style, it’s a great choice for travelling around the city, or even just making quick trips throughout the community!

No matter which of these models capture your interest, you can count on enjoying great style and a stress-free journey in every one. Give us a call at (888) 883-3797 to find out more!


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