Toyota of N Charlotte spots next new Toyota Prius!

Toyota Prius near Charlotte


by WCCB Charlotte

The prototype of the 2015 Toyota Prius has been spotted, and we can’t wait for the fourth generation of this vehicle to be revealed! A popular option ever since it was first introduced to U.S. drivers around 2000, N Charlotte Toyota drivers have loved the versatility and incredible fuel efficiency this vehicle has provided throughout the years. The entire Toyota Prius family has been a popular choice over the past decade, which is part of why we’re eagerly waiting to see what kind of new style and new features the 2015 model-year will host. Some new features that we think will be included in this future hybrid include:

  • A lower and sleeker profile.
  • An updated Hybrid Synergy Drive System that comes with a lithium-ion battery. 
  • Conventional dashboard layout in the interior instead of interior components being placed in a more central area. 

Eco-friendly Toyota offer ground-breaking innovation!

Today some certain elements are expected in vehicles. For instance, the Toyota Star Safety System is now a standard element in every new Toyota. However, this system is incredibly refined and features some unique mechanisms that are exceptionally technical – such as Smart Stop Technology. This isn’t the only high-tech element that can be found in the current N Charlotte Toyota Prius, though. 

  • Solar Roof: Eco-friendly features that the new Toyota Prius in N Charlotte comes with do more than provide great gas mileage. They also work to keep you comfortable! A Solar Roof is an option that can be installed in this eco-friendly Toyota. Solar panels are installed in it and are used to power a small fan to keep the interior cool. 
  • A/C System: The A/C system in the N Charlotte Toyota Prius isn’t standard. You can actually turn it on from afar when you’re within 30 yards of this vehicle! Just establish a preset temperature before you leave the hybrid so it will start to cool down this pre-set temperature when you activate the remote A/C system!
  • Three Drive Modes: This Toyota hybrid also comes with three drive modes so that you customize the driving experience to be what you want while you’re on-the-go. Choose from EV, ECO, and Power!

Safety features abound in the N Charlotte Toyota Prius

This new Toyota also comes with more than the Toyota Star Safety System. Some mechanisms that can be found in this vehicle include Vehicle Proximity Notification System and Pre-Collision System. Because this vehicle is a parallel hybrid, it can be extremely quiet when travelling at speeds less than 15 mph because it’s only utilizing electric power. The Vehicle Proximity Notification System releases an alert so that pedestrians can know that you’re approaching! The Pre-Collision System is also a fantastic safety feature. It uses a radar system to detect if a collision is about to occur, and helps apply the brake as well as tighten the seatbelts in preparation! 

We’re excited to learn which features will be included as part of the next new Toyota Prius near Charlotte. In the meantime, there’s obviously plenty to enjoy in the current model-year! Come see at 13429 Statesville Road to take one out on a test-drive today! 


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