Murder Suspect Shot By Homeowner Who Was Protecting Victim


by Caryn Little

LANCASTER, S.C. -- A homeowner is not facing charges after shooting a man in Lancaster.  Police say Jermaine Grier is in critical condition after being shot at a home on West Brooklyn.  

Grier is accused of shooting and killing James Hood on Carolina Court Tuesday evening.  Family members found Hood and attempted to call 911 but Grier was still inside the home.  Grier threatened family members before a fight broke out.  

Grier is accused of shooting at a female relative during the argument.  The woman tried to run away from Grier but he caught up to her and began assaulting her.  She was able to get away and ran to a nearby home for help.  

The homeowner allowed the victim in his house to get away from Grier.  However, police say Grier tried to get inside the house.  Police say Grier punched the homeowner in the face while trying to force himself into the home.  That's when the homeowner pulled out a gun and shot Grier.  

The homeowner will not be charged in the shooting.  Grier will face murder, attempted murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime and 1st degree burglary charges when he is released from the hospital.

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