Doctor And Several Rowan County Teachers Surrender To Police In Prescription Drug Scheme


by Caryn Little

SALISBURY, N.C. -- A doctor and several Rowan County teachers have surrender to police for their involvement in a prescription drug scheme that lasted several years.

Investigators uncovered the scheme that ended with the suspects facing numerous charges.  

A grand jury has indicted Dr. Orrin Walker, his wife Abby Walker, Meredith Raynes, Alisha Christian, Tammy Eudy, Teresa Seagroves, Summer Thomason and Crystal Maness.  

Authorities say Abby Walker worked as a teacher at Bostian Elementary School.  She is accused of getting several of her co-workers to obtain prescriptions for Hydrocodone from Dr. Walker.  

The suspects would then fill the prescriptions and return them to Abby Walker.  Investigators say approximately 200 fraudulent prescriptions involving nearly 25,000 doses of Hydrocodone were used from October 2012 to March 2014.  

Dr. Walker has surrendered his North Carolina Medical Board License.  Abby Walker has resigned from her position at Bostian Elementary School.  

Police say the other individuals who were participants of this scheme include:

Meredith Raynes, 43, teacher at Bostian Elementary School

Alisha Christian, 31, teacher's assistant at Bostian Elementary School

Tammy Eudy, 45, teacher's assistant at Bostian Elementary School

Teresa Seagroves, 53, administrative assistant at McKnight School

Summer Thomason, 31, educator at Southside Christian Academy

Crystal Maness, 31, not employed as an educator

The Walkers have been charged with one count of Level III trafficking opiates by possession.  The other six individuals have been charged with multiple counts of conspiracy to commit prescription fraud/forgery.    

Investigators say they do not believe any children, who attended these schools, were impacted by the actions of these individuals.  

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