At a polling station in the swing state of North Carolina, opinions differ. A couple voices from those standing in line at the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center in Apex, N.C.:


"There's too many people on welfare and too many people on food stamps and not enough jobs for everybody. And things have to change. Obama's not the guy to do it. I'm giving the next guy a try. I'm voting for somebody. I'm hoping he makes a difference." — Romney voter Donna Allen, who describes herself as a nurse in her 40s.


"I think the key things for me were education, especially for my kids and their futures and having funds available for them. I mean, education cost is going up ... and also with health care, with two little ones, the cost is only going to increase more. Well, their costs will." — Obama voter Tamara Johnson, 35, a customs broker standing in line with her two children.


— Allen G. Breed — Twitter http://twitter.com/AllenGBreed


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