50 Days in Office for Charlotte Mayor


by Will Kennedy
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CHARLOTTE, NC -- Mayor Dan Clodfelter has been on the job for 50 days. The former state senator dove back into Queen City politics in the wake of the Patrick Cannon scandal, helping stabilize the city government at a crucial time.

"It's more than twice as large a city as when I was last on city council, and that brings with it a whole host of challenges," says Clodfelter.
Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter is throwing himself into those challenges. Transportation and roads, safety and environmental issues are at the top of his list. All things that when done right make a city attractive.
"We're going to have to shoulder more and more of that responsibility locally," says Clodfelter. "State dollars are not growing as fast as they need to because of stability in the gasoline tax, so we're going to have to identify news strategies on how to pay for that."
The city council is working on a budget for next year, and the mayor likes what he sees so far. He's also hoping that the battle over who will control Charlotte-Douglas will be over soon. The airport is growing, and the city needs to manage that growth. 
"Make sure it expands and has what it needs for growth at the airport without doing damage to the larger community, but staying integrated with the larger community. You can't divide that authority," says the Mayor.
Dan Clodfelter is back home, and hoping to help Charlotte continue what it's done well in the last two decades: attract businesses and jobs to the area, while growing the population and the tax base. 
"It's how we underwrite all the infrastructure we need is be continuing to be an attractive place to invest in jobs and invest in businesses, and I think we're doing that," says Clodfelter.
The city council meets Wednesday at noon for a straw vote on the proposed budget. The final adoption is scheduled for June 9.

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