Amy Arrington: Liar, Manipulator, Con Artist?


by Morgan Fogarty
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LOWELL, N.C. - Still no sign of Amy Arrington, wanted by police in Gaston, Union and Mecklenburg counties.  She was to go on trial in Charlotte Monday.  But her husband Paul reported her missing over the weekend.  The two were supposedly vacationing in North Myrtle Beach.  Amy went into the water for a dip. Paul says he hasn't seen her since. 

When police asked Paul for his address, he gave them the address to a two-story brick home in Lowell and said he lived there with Amy.  Not anymore, says the next door neighbor.  "Probably about 3 or 4 months they've been gone," the neighbor told WCCB. 
The woman who does actually live in that house says in April, a parole officer stopped by looking for Amy.  And before that, Amy asked this of the woman's husband: "She asked if she could sit here in the driveway waiting for some papers to be served on her. He allowed her to do so and in the meantime, she told him she was in an abusive relationship." 
"She said the same thing 10 years ago," another man tells WCCB.  He says Arrington told him her ex was abusive and she needed somewhere to sleep for a night. A couple days later, he says he discovered she charged $1,300 to his American Express credit card.
He says, "She's a user, and she takes advantage of people's kindness and people's friendliness." 
Amy Arrington has last name aliases that include Robinson, Sutton and Goeble.  And there's one more twist: something the police told the woman who lives at the address Paul Arrington gave investigators.  "They said she's married to a man named Charles and a man named Paul, (they) asked us if we knew which husband she was referring to as being abusive. So since we didn't know she was married to two men, we had no idea," says the woman.
Paul Arrington didn't return WCCB's call or text Tuesday.  When we asked North Myrtle Beach Officials if he's part of this case, they replied "All avenues are open."
North Myrtle Beach officials say are also still investigating whether Amy Arrington may have drowned.  The current felony charges she faces include identity theft.
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