Another Sinkhole Causing Headaches in Huntersville


by Marvin Beach
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HUNTERSVILLE, NC - "Seeing as my house is 30 feet away from it, it's going to be pretty annoying," explains Huntersville resident Sonny Eddins.

Eddins called 911 after he saw the sinkhole developing Tuesday morning.

It's the latest frustration for people living near Gilead Road in Huntersville.
"It's going to be a lot of destruction. They're going tear up my whole neighborhood it seems like just to fix one little problem," Eddins says.
This one on Bud Henderson Road is about 2 miles away from one that's already caused traffic headaches.
A nearly 10-foot section of Gilead Road is sinking there.
NCDOT officials say it could take months for work to be complete.
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