April Fools' Prank Leads to College Lockdown


by WCCB Charlotte

 SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- One woman's April Fools' prank triggered a lockdown at a South Carolina college.  Deputies say an employee texted a family member that she was hiding from an active shooter.  When 54-year-old Angela Timmons didn't text back, her worried relatives called 911.

The prank happened Tuesday morning at Virginia College in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  When cops got the school, investigators say Timmons admitted it was all a prank.

"But, you know, don't call in nothing that would make the first responders everywhere in the county come over here," said Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright, "because I'm thinking on the way over here, I'm thinking Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech.  And the list goes on."

Timmons faces two counts of unlawful communication.  She's also charged with disturbing the peace at a school.

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