Beating CLT Speed Weeks Traffic


by Marvin Beach
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The party's already underway for Robbie Hess and his friends outside Charlotte Motor Speedway.

"That's racin! That's what we do. That's three or four days of tailgating. You don't get that in any other sport," Hass says.

From hanging out at the tiki bar.. to the grill.. or the pool.. they're glad they're here.. and not on 85 trying to get here.
Today we saw Highway Patrol already directing traffic around the speedway.
If you're heading to the race.. NCDOT's Jen Thompson says it's best to take Highway 29 or 49.
One secret -- approach from the north.
 "29 south and 49 south take you right into the area and often times there's no delay at all," Thompson explains.
If you're not going racing.. but have to pass through the area...
Thompson says sticking with 85's your best bet..
But avoid peak times around the race.
"You can kind of estimate that a few hours beforehand things will start to stack and get busy as folks kind of trickle in - once the race events start you can kind of get around as you need to," she says.
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