Bobcats Fans Boo Draft Pick In Viral Video


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Angry boo's, fists in the air, and even walking out. Fan, short for fanatic, on full display as Bobcats fans reacted to Cody Zeller's Draft Pick. "Cause he's a big stiff, in the tournament he couldn't do anything when he played against a bunch of athletes," said Uptown Charlotte Resident and Charlotte Bobcats fan Ryan Sapel.

The Zeller pick comes after a series of draft busts for the team. At least 7 since 2004 including Emeka Okafor and Adam Morrison. "It's not just that fact that there was just one draft bust out of a couple of years, it's just over and over again," said Brandon Davidow of the WCCB Sports Department

But there's always hope. Philadelphia Eagles fans booed the pick of Donovan McNabb in 1999.
And then gave him a standing ovation after he was traded to the Washington Redskins in 2010.
Especially in an age of fantasy sports and social media." Everybody is hooked to their electronics. You're definitely going to see people stepping at it and making their opinions heard," said Davidow.

A series of wins could turn last night's jeers into cheers. But if those wins don't come, more of this could be on the way for Cody and his comrades. "Hopefully if they rebuild they will be a good team," said North Charlotte Resident Jerome Clark. "I think we're gonna go a long away," said Uptown Charlotte Resident Caitlyn Hathcock.

The first Bobcats pre-season gam is October 7th.

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