Cannon's Life Behind Bars


by Morgan Fogarty
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - WCCB asked a Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesperson if Patrick Cannon will be classified as a minimum security inmate.  Tuesday, he said it is fair to presume that, given Cannon's non-criminal, non-violent history.  As for what prison Cannon will go to, determining factors for prison designation often include medical needs and length of sentence.

The spokesman also says officials try to assign prisoners to facilities within a 500 mile radius of their homes.  According to the Bureau of Prisons website, that means Cannon could go to any of about half a dozen minimum to low security facilities.
Once Cannon reports to prison, he will be taken through orientation.  That will include being issued prison clothing, a bed roll and learning about the rules and expectations behind bars.  Cannon will learn his housing assignment which could include open, dorm-style housing. 
The prison spokesman tells WCCB inmates are required to work, so Cannon will be assigned a job, perhaps landscaping or clerical work.  Cannon will set up an account for purchases from the commissary and an account to receive messages.  He'll also determine who he puts on his visitation list.
Cannon can also participate in educational, religious or recreational activities.  The spokesman tells WCCB depending on the facility, there'll be outdoor areas, walking paths, basketball courts and more for Cannon to use.
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