Carowinds Announce Massive New 'Giga Coaster' for 2015!


by Richard Groves

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Carowinds just unveiled a brand new attraction for their 2015 season; Fury 325Fury 325 will be the world's tallest and faster gig coaster and the largest single investment in Carowinds' history! The ride's layout has been designed to 'swarm' around the park's brand new entrance plaza, with the track running above and below guests arriving into Carowinds.

Fury 325 is 325 feet tall and 6,602 feet long, featuring three open passenger trains that can take 1,470 riders per hour, an 81 degree drop, a 200 foot tall barrel turn, an underground dive, a horseshot turn at a 91 degree angle and will reach speeds of up to 95mph, lasting approximately 3 minutes and 25 seconds. All this and more will make it North America's largest steel rollercoaster!

The Fury 325 giga coaster marks the beginning $50 million worth of investment and 3 years of growth at Carowinds, bringing more jobs and partnering with more local companies. The announcement today, which also included the new arrival experience (new toll booths, additional entrance lanes, more parking and a much larger front entrance plaza), is just the beginning of what's coming to Carowinds with next years announcement for the 2016 season already being teased as making a "Bigger Splash"!

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Fury 325 Coaster Fact Sheet

Physical Dimensions
Track Length: 6,602 feet
Lift Height: 325 feet
Angle of Descent : 81 degrees
Amount of Steel Used: 2,700 tons

Time, Speed, Capacity
Time: Approximately 3 minutes, 25 seconds
Maximum Speed: Approximately 95 mph
Capacity: Approximately 1,470 riders per hour

Model: Giga coaster
Structure: Steel tubular track

The ride layout is custom designed for Carowinds, featuring a track that dramatically swarms above, then below the new front entrance plaza of the park, passing over guests six times.
Other elements of the ride include:
• Lift Hill- riders climb to an astonishing 325 feet, then speed down at an 81 degree angle.
• Barrel Turn – riders speed into a complete sideways turn that’s 190 feet tall.
• High Speed S-Curve – the train enters this curve fast and riders will really feel the g-forces here during this quick transition!
• Horseshoe Turn – a maneuver that takes the train into a 180-degree turnaround with high banking, tilting at a 91-degree angle, and then giving riders the experience of a weightless drop.
• Underground Dive – a quick dive below as the train speeds under a new guest entry bridge.
• High Speed Banked Curve- the train takes riders up a 101 foot hill while tilting at the top then speeding back down.
• Camel Back Hill – riders swarm into a 111 foot tall hill providing riders exhilarating “airtime!”
• Double Helix Maneuver – the train buzzes into an angled spiral section of high banked track that turns into itself and completes a 360-degree turn.
• Camel Back Hills – A final duo of camelback hills as riders experience “airtime” before hitting the brake run.

Color Scheme
Supports: White columns
Track: Teal Swarm (Teal) and Stinger Green (Lime Green) track
Amount of Paint Used: 3,400 gallons of paint/primer

Trains:Three (3) 32-passenger trains
Coaches: Eight coaches, with four seats per coach, per train
Design: Fiberglass and steel coaches with lapbar restraints and interlocking seat belts

Additional Facts
Ride Size: 8.4 Acres
Ride Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard (B & M), Monthey, Switzerland
Height Restriction: Must be at least 54 inches tall to ride.

Fury 325

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