Charlotte City Leaders React to Cannon's Plea Deal


by Audrina Bigos
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CHARLOTTE, NC - Monday's order of business for city council was updates on Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

The council and city staff heard from the Aviation Director about parking, roadways and terminal improvements. They also toured the airport grounds.

Most of the elected leaders tried to avoid WCCB's questions about former mayor Patrick Cannon's plea deal. Other council members say they want to move past the Cannon scandal.

Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes did talk to WCCB about the scandal surrounding his long-time friend.

“This is a really, really bad episode for Patrick and his family, and it's been stressful for us, but I feel like we're in a position where we can start the work to continue to move forward," said Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes.

Mayor Dan Clodfelter, who took over Cannon's seat, says he's trying to stay focused on the city's business.

"It's not appropriate for me to comment about that. We've been providing information requested by the US Attorney's office and we need to cooperate as they request," said Clodfelter.

With the airport still a hot topic on the state and local level, Clodefelter says meetings like the one at Charlotte-Douglas Monday can't get buried.

"We've got a lot going on here at the airport, a lot of very important projects underway and that's what people want us to focus on, and that's what we're going to focus on," said Clodfelter.

County officials also tell WCCB Charlotte they're still complying with broad federal subpoenas related to the Cannon case.

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