Charlotte Couple Injured in Boston Marathon Explosions


by Caryn Little

BOSTON, M.A.--At least two people from Charlotte were injured when two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon. 

Nichole Gross spent the evening undergoing surgery for multiple fractures.  Her husband, Michael, is being treated for burns. 

They are among more than 175 people injured in what is being called an act of terrorism. 

Doctors are reportedly pulling ball bearings out of victims.  Terror experts say that suggests the bombs were made to propel shrapnel. 

President Obama has urged Americans not to jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. 

An eight-year-old boy is one of the three people killed in the explosions.  There is still no suspect at this time.  However some media outlets are reporting that police have a person of interest in custody. 

Officials say the city of Boston will be open for business Tuesday with added security.  There will be mandatory security checks of backpacks and other bags. 

A total of 17 victims are listed in critical condition.  The injuries range from cuts and bruises to amputations. 

Police in New York are also taking added precautions.  More officers are patrolling the streets and bomb-sniffing dogs have been deployed.  There is also added security in Washington, where the American Flag has been lowered to half staff over the capitol. 

From what we can tell from Boston Marathon entry records, there were dozens if not hundreds of runners from the Charlotte area.  One report said there were at least 400 runners from North Carolina. 

Despite congested cyber and cell traffic, three of them were able to make contact with WCCB and share their stories.  They were all very close to or on Boylston Street in Boston, the location of the marathon's finish line.  That's right near where the two explosions went off killing three people. 

Officials have declared the Boston bombings an act of terrorism.  Now, they have to determine if it was homegrown or international. 

Chris Swecker is a retired FBI assistant director.  He says domestic terrorist groups have been more active lately. 

The Boston Mayor's Office has set up a phone line for people trying to get information on loved ones who were at the marathon and may be hurt.  That number is 617-635-4500.

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