Charlotte Hornets Could Return This Week


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--While Scotty Kent might be spending his Sunday working on his swing, his mind and his heart are focused on the Charlotte Hornets. "We want the name back because it means so much to the community," said Kent.

Kent started a grass roots campaign two years ago to bring back the Charlotte Hornets and now he thinks that rich history could soon be a reality once again. "The pieces look like they are falling into place," said Kent.

A Town Hall meeting is scheduled with future NBA Commsisioner Adam Silver on Monday. The last New Orleans Hornets game is on Wednesday before they become the Pelicans, thus, releasing the Hornets' name. Also on Wednesday, just before the last Bobcats game of the season, an invitation-only presentation about "The Bobcats Future" is week after the team purged orange and blue Air Jordans, just in time for the release of a new line of teal and purple Michael Jordan apparel. And finally, a Bobcats Open House event on Thursday. "It feels every bit like what we've been working on these last  few years is on the cusp of happening," said John Morgan who is also dedicated to the name change. If he and Scotty succeed, they want everyone to know it takes patience to make a difference. "If you want something to can make it happen,"
said Kent.

If all goes to plan, those guys want to use their grass roots power to pressure the front office when it comes to draft picks and free agents, ultimately bringing the city closer to its hometown team.

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