Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx Confirmed As Transportation Secretary


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--The U.S. Senate vote unanimously on Thursday to confirm Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx as the next Secretary of Transportation. In a statement, he said he is honored by the vote. "I'm looking forward to continuing the President's commitment to improve transportation in communities across the country," said Foxx. And President Barack Obama says he hopes Foxx will help him achieve his transportation goals. "I welcome Anthony to my team, and I look forward to working with him."

Speaking of transportation goals, the city is now trying to secure a 63-million-dollar federal grant to build the street car that Mayor Foxx campaigned for. Now, experts say, he could make it a reality.
"There's formulas and things and its not like the Transportation Secretary  can wave a magic wand and approve it but his presence can not hurt and might help," said UNC Charlotte Urban Institute Associate Director Mary Newsom.

After the grant is secured, she said funding for the remaining six miles of the street car will be tricky.
A challenge for the next mayor. Republican Edwin Peacock and two democrats: Pat Cannon and James Mitchell are mayoral candidates hoping to lead the next city council and pursue their own agendas in the Queen City. "It's an election year and it's open to everyone who is running,"
said Mecklenburg County Democratic Party Chairwoman Robin Bradford

Mayor Foxx says he plans to resign at a special city council meeting at four p.m. on Monday.

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