Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Denies Illegal Dealings With Cannon


by Audrina Bigos
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CHARLOTTE, NC - Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes was trying to make it clear Tuesday night, saying he had nothing to do with former Mayor Patrick Cannon's illegal activity.

Barnes was mentioned in the newly released court documents, but not by name.

The Bill of Information says Cannon took a cash payment of around $2,000 from a businessman in exchange for influencing the relocation of an adult entertainment club away from the proposed LYNX Blue Line Extension.

Speculation is that the business was the now demolished Twin Peeks, owned by David “Slim” Baucom.

According to court documents, the club owner asked Cannon to persuade the council member for the district where the club was located to get involved. At that time, it was Barnes.

"The Blue Line, like everything else we do, has a lot of levels of scrutiny and a lot of levels of oversight, and so there is nothing that any one of us can do that would impact that project in that way," said Barnes.

Barnes confirms he spoke with Cannon about the project, but denies he did anything to sway city zoning staff.

“I never pressured or persuaded our staff to arrive at any particular conclusion or to do anything special for Twin Peeks or any other business," said Barnes.

US Attorney Anne Tompkins says people dealing with Cannon on city business may not have been complicit with his illegal dealings.

“To be clear, the charge does not allege, and the law does not require, that the city employee knew about or was involved in Mr. Cannon's bribery scheme,” said Thompkins.

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