City Council Receives $2.1 Billion Budget Breakdown


by WCCB Charlotte

 CHARLOTTE, NC -- No property tax hike, but Charlotte residents would have to pay higher fees under the City Manager's proposed budget.  Council members received a breakdown of the $2.1 billion proposal Monday.  That's six and a half percent more than last year's budget.  It calls for a nearly two percent increase in water, sewer, and storm water fees.  The average customer will pay about $2 more a month.  City Manager Ron Carlee spoke to WCCB Charlotte about his proposal.

"I don't think people are going to see a change," he said.  "Property taxes won't change, and increases to water sewer and to storm sewer we kept as low as we possibly could."

There's a public hearing on the budget May 12, followed by straw votes on the 28th.  Council will adopt the new budget on June 9.  

Council members also discussed ethics policies in the wake of the corruption charges against ex-Mayor Patrick Cannon.  Some members want to tighten policies, especially the ones dealing with perks council members receive.  WCCB Charlotte first reported last week that council is also conisdering adding a whistleblower hotline for people to report possible ethics violations.

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