Dinosaur Bones Found In WCCB's Parking Lot

Dinosaur bones unearthed in WCCB Charlotte's parking lot!


by Caryn Little
by Richard Groves

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--WCCB Charlotte has some incredible news to report.  Large dinosaur bones were discovered in our parking lot while crews were doing pot-hole repair work. 

A paleontologist is on the scene, carefully removing the earth from around the bones and we are eagerly awaiting to hear what type of dinosaur this may be but it's possible it could be a new type of dinosaur never seen before! 

The bones could feature as an interesting addition to the WCCB News studio, on view during each of our newscasts. However, room may dictate this isn't possible, so we are also working with Carowinds who may be interested in displaying the bones at their new Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit. 

Check back for more information. 


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