Erosion & Sinkhole Worsen While City Says Wait


by Audrina Bigos

CHARLOTTE, NC- It's a waiting game at the Arcadian Village Apartments as frustrations and safety concerns build surrounding storm drainage issues.

As if a six-foot wide, growing sink hole isn't enough, the property owner., Mark Lerner,  is dealing with bigger issues.

Lerner reported erosion on his property to storm water services in addition to major flooding three years ago. Storm Water Services says the drainage system is in need of repair.

"Now they're telling us it could be another three to five years of planning so it just seems like the planning is going on and on and on with no resolution coming," said Lerner.

Lerner says at least 15 units are at risk of major flooding if severe weather hits.

Floyd McDowell was one of the residents flooded and forced out of his apartment in 2010.

"Praying to God that it doesn't happen again because it's devastating trying to see people get out of the house with nowhere to go!" said McDowell, an East Charlotte resident.

In an e-mail to WCCB, a spokesperson says Storm Water Services has a considerable backlog of requests for service - and that's apparently  the hold-up.

"There needs to be something done about it. Seriously! Not next year or in two years. The city needs to get out here and work on this property," said McDowell.

Lerner says the city is very responsive and working with him.

"It just seems like the planning is going on and on and on and no resolution is coming forward," said Lerner.

An e-mail to WCCB from Storm Water Servcies said "Until we have the resources available to address a particular storm drainage issue, the drainage system on private property is generally the responsibility of the property owner to maintain."

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