Experts: Historic Supreme Court Decision Endangers Gay Marriage Bans In N.C.


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--The drums and whistles of victory at a rally for marriage equality in Uptown Charlotte Wednesday night. Jeff Enochs thought it would never happen. Ten years ago he was discharged from the military for being gay. "It's a good start and it's a good jumping off point,"
said Enochs.

While he and his husband Brian celebrated a sign of progress from the federal government  recognized what they call a setback from the state of North Carolina. "That's a huge slap in the face but that's something that we're going to fight," said Enochs.

North Carolina is one of dozens of states that prohibit gay marriage. A constitutional amendment passed by popular vote last May doesn't recognize same sex marriages. But those laws might not last forever. Experts say the Supreme Court sent a message today that it may eventually strike them down. "It's not clear...but it's possible...and it appears to be where we are heading," UNC Charlotte Assistant Professor John Szmer.

Encouraging for Matt Comer from the Charlotte Rainbow Action Network For Equality
who said, "I think the courts can surprise us sometime. It's not going to be a decade again until
 we get another ruling. It's just gonna be a matter of a few short years."

Enochs says his fight continues, "We are in for the long haul. We don't have a choice. Yeah it is baby steps. Each baby step gets closer  and closer to our ultimate goal."

Opponents of gay marriage like House Speaker John Boehner say it's up to states to take a stand and define marriage as the union between one man and one woman similar to what North Carolina did last year.

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