Family Continues Search for Missing Conover Man


by Marvin Beach
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CONOVER, NC - "We've had sleepless nights.. and don't eat much.. and you're left in limbo," explains Judy Bowman.

Bowman hasn't heard from her son in over a week.

33-year-old Kevin Bowman was last seen at a family dinner in Hickory June 30th.
"I said 'I love you Kevin,' and he says, 'I love you too Momma,' and that is the very last thing that we have said to him or saw him," she explains.
Bowman was reported missing Tuesday after he didn't show up to work.
Police found his red Buick still parked outside his Conover apartment.
Family members say it's also surprising he left behind personal items like his keys & wallet.. his cell phone.. & an asthma inhaler.
"It's just totally out of character," his mom says.
Saturday.. Police and Members of the CUE Center for Missing Persons launched an intensive search.
So far that search has focused on a densely-wooded, two-mile area between Bowman's apartment and where he worked, Carroll Leather.
Those who know Bowman describe him as responsible and hard-working.
They say he showed no signs anything was wrong.
"I seen him like last Sunday," explains neighbor Tabitha Galicia.
Galicia lives in the same building with Bowman. She says it has neighbors concerned.. though she hasn't seen anything unusual.
"I go to work and I come home and the only time I see him is when he leaves in his red car and that's about it," she says.
Family hopes somebody knows something about what happened.
They say Bowman is easy to spot.. he almost always wears a black t-shirt and blue jeans..
If you have any information, contact Conover Police at 828-464-4698 or the CUE Center for Missing Persons.
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