Family Of Killed Toddler Says Mother Is Innocent


by Audrina Bigos

CATAWBA COUNTY, NC - A Catawba man accused of killing 20-month-old boy and abusing his three-year-old sister in in jail, while the mother of the children bailed out of jail Friday on a $41,000 bond. 

On Friday, their family was standing by their mother's claims of innocence.

"She would never put her kids in danger intentionally. She had no idea. He was very deceiving to all of us,” said Maggie Ervin, a Conover, NC resident.

Ervin, the grandmother of baby Jaydon and three-year-old Kylie stand behind their daughter. The 21-year-old mother of the children, Whitney Weathers, was arrested Thursday  and charged with two counts of child abuse.

"She's a very good mother. She loves her children and what they're saying about her isn't true. She's a victim in all this,” said Ervin.

Weathers was bailed out of jail Friday just days after her boyfriend William Lail faced a judge. He's accused of killing her son Jaydon on May 3 while babysitting the kids. Neighbors say the mother could have stopped it.

"I think she could have got them out of there and got herself out if that's what he was doing," said Connie Sigmon, a neighbor.

According to a warrant, officers found Jaydon dead with bruising on his forehead and burns on his back and legs. His sister, Kylie, had burns on her back.

"She is just as guilty as he is. They both should be in jail,” said Sigmon.

Neighbors say the couple lived here with the kids for just over two months. During that entire time they say they never saw the kids playing outside. Another neighbor says she thinks the kids were often left home alone.

Other neighbors say they often heard screaming and crying coming from the home at night. But the grandparents say the mother is innocent and they want justice, while calling Lail a monster.

"The monster that did this will be found guilty because we're going to see it through," said Jaydon's grandfather.

Weathers will be back in court on May 30th.

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