Good Feet Offers Free Consultations And Foot Analysis To Community


by WCCB Charlotte

Good Feet Worldwide, LLC., an international retailer of custom-fitted arch support, announced their free foot health analysis to local community members in Charlotte, NC during National Foot Health Awareness Month.

An estimated 87 percent of the general population suffers from foot-related problems, most of which can be linked to improper support for flat feet or high arches, wearing improper footwear, walking or standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time, being overweight or suffering from sports injuries.  While many people looking for relief turn to the various arch supports and cushion products they see in retailers like drug and grocery stores, Good Feet takes the process to another level.

Good Feet sales consultants take each customer through a personal biomechanical balancing and measurement process to identify the customer’s primary activities and shoe style preferences.  Next, the customer is personally fit with arch supports and cushions that can provide them with the comfort, balance and support. 

“Most people think there’s only one arch in their foot,” said Elisa Koning, owner of the new Good Feet Store in Charlotte, NC.  “But we show them that there are actually four.” 

Good Feet products are designed to support all four of the foot’s arches, which makes the personal fitting process so important.  Through better foot support, a person’s body weight is more evenly distributed which maximizes stability and balance, and can reduce pressure that can cause discomfort, not just in the feet, but upwards through the legs, hips and back. 

“There is such a huge need out there, as so many people are suffering because of their feet,” added Koning.  “We’re excited to bring a Good Feet Store to this neighborhood and urge people to get a free personal consultation and foot analysis.”

The new Good Feet store is located at 1600 E Woodlawn Road Ste 350, Charlotte, NC 28209.  For details or directions, call 980-219-8300 or visit  Store hours are Monday-Saturday 10-6pm Sunday 12-5pm.

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