HGTV Cancels Local Benham Twins Show


by WCCB Charlotte

CONCORD,NC--HGTV is calling off a new show that was set to feature Charlotte real estate entrepreneurs, and identical twins, Jason and David Benham.

The network told the brothers that they would not be airing the show 'Flip it Forward' this week.

The decision came after reports surfaced that one of the brothers made public anti-gay and anti-abortion.

Jason Benham tells WCCB, "At this point, HGTV made a business decision and we respect that, we appreciate them. And you know what we told them...our first response was we love you guys. We appreciate the opportunity. We get it. We understand."

The brothers say they discussed their personal beliefs with the network before agreeing to host the show, and that they plan to finish shooting six episodes already underway.


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