Hidden Valley Gang Injunction Set to Expire Next Week


by Marvin Beach
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CHARLOTTE, NC -  A notorious Charlotte gang, stopped in its tracks by a court ordered ban. Now CMPD wants to renew the gang injunction against the Hidden Valley Kings before it expires next Friday. 

Reuben Thomas and his daughter spent their Saturday out in their front yard. It's something the Hidden Valley resident says he was too afraid to do a few years ago.

"You never seen us sitting out here as much as we do now. We get a chance to enjoy the outside," Thomas says. He and others say they've seen less crime and fewer robberies since CMPD's gang injunction went into effect. "I think it should stay," Thomas says. "And I think it can be improved upon and made better."
It was a year ago that CMPD announced they had seen a resurgence in the notorious Hidden Valley Kings gang. The injunction, which expires Friday, prohibits suspected gang members from meeting in the neighborhood. It's based on the idea that gangs are a public nuisance. 
One neighbor who doesn't want to show her face on camera says she supports the injunction, but is concerned it's led to profiling. "A lot of times when the black kids are walking up and down the street, the CMPD seems to harass them and ask for ID, even though they're riding their skateboards and minding their own business and that's not right," she says.
She thinks many of the issues are with people coming from outside the neighborhood. "Yeah, a lot of people are coming into Hidden Valley, causing problems. Like, I guess, trying to take over the Hidden Valley Kings' turf," she says.
Still, she and others agree, things have improved over the past year. Thomas says he hopes it stays that way. "Where you feel like you can come home, feel safe. Like we do now. It's a safer place to come," he says.
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