Humane Society Rescues Puppy Mill Dogs


by Marvin Beach
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CHARLOTTE, NC - Saturday night almost 20 dogs - most maltese or maltese mix - arrived at the Humane Society of Charlotte.

They came from a breeder in Western North Carolina.

"This person is realizing she is way over her head and decided to voluntarily surrender these 19 dogs," explains Jorge Ortega, with the Humane Society of Charlotte.

Ortega says the dogs were kept in poor health.. without vet care.

"They end up in these conditions where we then have to invest so much money and so much medical time to get them healthy," he says.

It's a problem they say can be prevented.

"It's really the only animal business in the whole state that's unregulated, I mean pet stores are, grooming operations, animal shelters," says Shelly Moore, with the Humane Society of Charlotte.

There's legislation in the North Carolina House that could improve conditions for puppy mill dogs.

It would require large-scale breeders to provide fresh food and water.. vet care.. and exercise for the dogs.

"Sets standards that make sure that things don't happen like with some of the animals that we see today," Moore explains.

A problem those with the Humane Society say they see too often.

"Someone needs to stand up for these guys who can't speak for themselves, and for us to go out and help these little guys, and give them the care and attention they need and deserve, it's really important for us to do that," Ortega says.

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