Hundreds In Charlotte Rally Against Zimmerman Verdict


by Audrina Bigos
by Photographer: Chris Keimig

CHARLOTTE, NC – Protests and prayers in Charlotte and across the country.

Hundreds of Charlotte organizers rallied against the Zimmerman verdict in Uptown Charlotte on Sunday.

The rally at Marshall Park was called "No Justice, No Peace" - #HOODIESUP4TRAYVON .

Some organizers wore hoodies like the one Trayvon Martin wore the night he was killed. Others wore shirts with his picture and held posters with his name.

"Even though the fight is over in the court, the fight isn't over for justice for Trayvon Martin," said Travis Jackson, an East Charlotte resident.

The Charlotte Solidarity Center hosted the event, which gave an outlet for residents to share grief, sadness and anger through speech, writing, poetry, song and artwork.

"Laws can be changed. There can be some fine tuning to the stand your ground law. We need to let our judicial system know that this is not acceptable and it should never happen again," said Cheryl Falzone, an East Charlotte resident.

"It's more than just Trayvon. That verdict yesterday represented so many other people who have dealt with unjust verdicts," said Takisha Cowley, a South Charlotte resident.

The event organizers say they want justice for Trayvon and so many thousands of others who cannot walk the streets while "black and brown". 

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