Indian Trail Hotel Push


by FOX News Rising

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C.--There's a push in Indian Trail to get a hotel built.  Many businesses say there are enough events in town to make a hotel viable.

Maureen Mulhall who runs a local skating center in Indian Trail says her facility hosts events 39 weekend out of year. 

She says, there are typically hundreds of people in attendance.  Recently, she says an event drew enough people that, "We utilized 17 hotels in Mecklenburg County."

It's an issue Indian Trail Mayor Michael Alvarez says is, "definitely in the works."  He says, "We know its past due, we want to bring the jobs in Union County." 

For him, a hotel is fundamental to business development.  Plus there's the issue of potential taxes that are leaving Indian Trail and headed to Charlotte or Matthews, where visitors are now having to go for hotel rooms.

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