Jury Deliberates in Kenan Gay Murder Trial


by Marvin Beach
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 CHARLOTTE, NC -- Thursday is day two of jury deliberations in the Kenan Gay murder trial.  He's the former UNC football player accused of killing Robert Kingston.  WCCB's Marvin Beach was in the courtroom all day.

The state told jurors Kenan Gay did "too much, too late" when he threw Robert Kingston out of Ed's Tavern in 2012.  The former Charlotte law student is accused of pitching Kingston into the road, where he got hit and killed by a car.  Gay claims he was trying to protect his girlfriend, now his wife, from unwanted advances.  

"Character is the foundation of who we are," defense attorney Sonya Pfeiffer countered.  She and attorney David Rudolf say Kingston initiated the incident by getting drunk and assaulting multiple women.  "Kingston's choice is what set this whole chain of events in motion," Pfeiffer said.  They say Kingston was "seriously drunk" with a blood alcohol content of 0.29.  

Prosecutors, though, told jurors Gay "showed a consciousness of guilt" by running away from the scene.  "Heroes don't run away," Assistant DA Jay Ashendorf said.

Keenan Gay's wife Liz cried as Ashendorf told jurors that Kingston's parents, "buried their child thanks to Kenan Gay."  At the end of the day, Gay's attorney told WCCB he's confident they did everything they could in this case.  "So now it's just up to 12 citizens," said Rudolf, "and we think they're very smart and a very dedicated group of people."

Jurors could convict Gay of second degree murder if they think he showed malice, involuntary manslaughter if they think Gay was negligent but not malicious, or they could find him not guilty.

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